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Pop on the Box


Book Jeff for a nostalgic trip into the past as he presents his illustrated history of 60 years of pop and rock music on television, beginning in the 1950s with shows such as Six-Five Special and Oh Boy! and continuing through the decades with programmes including Juke Box Jury, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Ready, Steady, Go!, Top of the Pops, The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Tube and Later with Jools Holland, as well as a number of programmes that you may just have forgotten.

This talk – which is based on Jeff's book Rock & Pop on British TV – can vary in length and can be shaped to suit the age range of the audience.




Jeff presents a number of fascinating, informative and fun talks about the history of television, some of which are illustrated below. For further information and to book a talk for your club, group or society, please contact Jeff at


Jeff's fully illustrated, entertaining talk covers the whole colourful history of the TV quiz show from its earliest days in the 1930s to today, showing how the format developed, celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly, and unearthing some very dodgy dealing along the way.

Expect lots of warm memories, plenty of surprises and lots of 'I didn't know that' moments in this 50–60-minute talk.

The Questionable History of TV Quiz Show

One of television's most successful creations is the quiz show – the programme where everyone can show how clever they are and possibly earn a small fortune in the process. But where did it all begin? Which shows have been the most successful? And who, along the way, have been the winners, losers and – perhaps most intriguingly – the cheaters?

Football, rugby, cricket, tennis, rowing, horse racing, boxing, wrestling, athletics and snooker all feature prominently, as do some rather less obvious sports, and some truly wacky moments, that have graced the television screen over the years. And there’s also a chance to learn more about the many presenters, commentators and sports analysts who have contributed so much to the viewing experience.

Jeff’s 50–60-minute talk will carry you back in time, helping you to relive some of the most exciting sporting moments over the decades and taking you behind the scenes of the most fondly-remembered sports programmes.

They Think It's All Over!
A History of Sport on TV

It’s been nearly 90 years since a major sporting event was first shown on British television and, boy, has TV’s coverage of sport changed since those early days.

Jeff tells you all about the history of sport on TV in this lively, fully-illustrated talk, offering lots of ‘I never knew that’ moments and bringing back many warm memories.

Some people will remember the earliest TV stars such as Muffin the Mule and Andy Pandy; others will recall with great fondness series such as Crackerjack, Ivor the Engine, Thunderbirds, The Magic Roundabout and the rather spooky The Singing Ringing Tree. This talk features them all, and much more besides.

This fully illustrated, 50–60-minute talk will bring back a wealth of happy memories and, as ever, Jeff ensures that there are plenty of surprises along the way.

The Golden Age of Children's Television

Join Jeff on a journey through your childhood as he tells the wonderful story of of children’s television in the UK.

Jeff’s lively talk covers the period from the start of television to the 1970s, truly a golden age for those of us who grew up glued to the small screen when we returned home from school.